Elena Giordano

Family Advisor & Partner

Elena is a Partner, business developer and family officer at Albacore. 

Prior becoming partner in 2016, she was always focused in developing the business. 

In 2009, prior to setting up Albacore in 2015,  Elena was a Family Officer and Business Developer in Starfin SA, a multi family office based in Lugano, managed by the same team as Albacore. Starfin SA, was founded in 1982 by a prominent Italian entrepreneurial family as a single family office.  Elena joined the family office sector  after  a brief but significant experience in Secofind in Milan. From 1995 to 2008 Elena developed her professional carrier  in the financial sector with Lehman Brothers both in Milan and London, initially in corporate finance as an executive assistant to the Managing Director, later as an Equity Sales and in the last 4 years as a Wealth Manager.  She graduated with a BA from the University of Hartford, Connecticut, USA and an MBA from USI of Lugano.