The integrated platform of services offered by Albacore is aimed at business families possessing assets which have been structured and stratified over time.

Albacore is an operator able to perform correct tax planning between the different jurisdictions involved in the capital structure of families, a careful diversification of investments in liquid and non-liquid assets on a global scale in order to guarantee returns over and above the objectives of capital preservation, a precise implementation and constant monitoring of legislative changes, of asset management costs and of the effective returns.
The final objective is to develop the assets from generation to generation, taking account of the changes in the macroeconomic scenario and of the hereditary structures.


Asset management

Albacore is an independent Asset Manager; our management model has always been characterized by an opportunistic global approach.

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We identify opportunities in all classes of investment and geographic areas and we assess strategies, products and managers, focusing on the value they are able to offer.
The construction of our investment portfolios corresponds to the level of risk/return desired by the client and to the economic and market context. Economies of scale and alignment with our clients’ interests have enabled us to achieve more effective results.

A global vision, experience and consolidated relations underpin our investment offer.

The extensive experience of our professionals and a network of privileged relations with international investment banks, independent research institutions, investment companies and other family offices allow for a continuous updating of our investment offer.
Frequent travel and meetings with exponents of local institutions and company management have enabled our investment managers to develop wide-ranging and diversified skills which are fundamental in a global context.
The deep knowledge of alternative investments (Private Equity, Hedge Funds, direct investments), besides the supervision and consolidation of the activity of other managers, increases our ability to assess and understand the financial markets.

An opportunistic and dynamic approach in a world that is rapidly changing

Our approach to investments is linked to absolute return, without comparison with specific benchmarks.
We believe that investment activities require a dynamic vision since markets and asset classes have risk/return profiles that vary over time.
Our opportunistic approach allows us to be able to analyse the current situations of the markets and all the instruments available (also derivatives) in order to both cover specific risks and obtain an increase in return.

Independence and coherence

Albacore is a completely independent operator. We are only remunerated by our clients for investment management and consultancy services and there is no form of conflict of interest, since there are no commission split agreements with banks, management funds or other counterparties.

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Tax & Fiduciary

International relations and the evolution of the economic, social and legal context in different jurisdictions lead to ever more complex fiscal situations, which imply risks such as double taxation or the incorrect application of local tax laws.

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With its team of lawyers and qualified tax experts, Albacore combines a solid Italian tax and legal knowledge, solid expertise in international tax planning and a global network of trusted qualified professionals. Albacore is therefore an advisor which comprehensively and independently coordinates information coming from the client with legislative developments.


Tax planning

The capital is diversified with regards to assets and, often, different jurisdictions require precise and integrated analyses in order to obtain an effective picture of the capital structure. When necessary, Albacore makes use of a network of external professionals with proven experience in very specialized fields.

Estate planning

Planning in the context of inheritances has the aim of reconciling the client’s objectives with the requirements of their family. If the assets subject to planning are situated in a number of countries and the heirs live in different jurisdictions, planning, if performed in good time, offers the opportunity of reducing taxes provided that certain plans are made when the client is still alive.

Business services

We offer our clientele valid advice on tax, legal and governance themes and we support our clients in operating and financial processes regarding the family and the company.

Change of domicile for physical persons or companies

In the case of transfer to another state, Albacore is able to accompany the client in all the phases of assessment of different tax regimes, their implementation and all the logistical matters associated with the choice of place where to reside, choice of property, etc.

Financing services

Through its network of consolidated relations, Albacore can accompany the client in investment choices, supporting them in the selection of a bank operator that is able to finance their investments.

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Private Market Program

Thanks to returns consistently higher than other classes of investment in the medium-term and to the creation of value and a focus on single operations and/or sectors, we have developed a specific program of investments (Private Market Program – PMP) for family clients.

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We have been investing in private markets since the 1990s and, as of today, we have more than 60 positions in our portfolio. The investments are made for the family office and for a limited group of clients for which we manage personalized programs.

Consistently superior returns compared to other investment classes over the medium term

We operate through management funds or direct investments, with a high quality deal flow originating from consolidated relations at an international level with merchant banks, placement agents, fund managers, other family offices, etc.
The careful selection of investments, the global and diversified approach and the attention to the construction of the portfolio are the pillars underpinning the excellent performances we have achieved over the years.

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Family mentoring

Generational turnover, training the new generations and corporate governance are very delicate themes for family companies and are often crucial for continuing a growth path and for business development.

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For every family assisted, Albacore pursues the objective of keeping the family group together, continuing to manage the capital in a profitable and professional manner.
Studies and research demonstrate that, in the absence of dialogue, trust and a correct preparation for succession in the family circle, the capital does not survive beyond the second generation.
We have therefore created a team of professionals able to deal with these aspects.
For every family, communication problems are identified and resolved, dialogue is promoted and assisted thanks to planned meetings, and every situation is tackled with ad hoc tools and figures. We also make sure that every family member acquires the right skills relating to the inheritance and we dedicate a coaching program to each one.

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Property Management

The crises in the property sector in the last decade that have affected the USA and Europe demonstrate that, also with relation to real estate assets, diversification is fundamental.

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A correct planning of real estate assets both by type and by geographic area contributes to the growth of capital from one generation to another.

Families tend to possess a greater number of properties in the countries in which they reside. The attention that the properties themselves require in management policies often leads to the assumption that proximity between the owner and the manager simplifies operations.
Today there are very flexible and, most of all, international management platforms that facilitate the holding of real estate assets in different countries.
Albacore is able to control and manage the real estate assets of clients in different jurisdictions with the support of an effective management control with periodic ad hoc reporting.
A careful initial analysis in order to define and strategically position the real estate portfolio in its context and with relation to the other assets is an important contribution that our consultancy service can provide.

Albacore is the ideal solution for optimizing family real estate assets constructed over time.

We have gained experience directed at the acquisition and sale of property in various geographic areas and, as a result, we are able to help our client in the analysis of the feasibility and convenience of new investments or of the disposal of previous investments acquired or inherited.
From this experience, exclusive opportunities often arise inside our family office, matching the requirements of various families.
Our network of banking institutes allows us to develop efficient solutions for financing and purchase. We are also able to support clients in the legal and tax aspects of real estate operations.
The activity is mainly carried on in Switzerland, Europe and North America.

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Monitor & Reporting

Monitoring your assets, understanding the structure, the composition and trend of various market situations is the first step for being able to take strategic and tactical decisions.
For this reason, updated reporting is an element of control and security.

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Structured assets presented in a simple manner

Optimal monitoring of assets occurs thanks to a correct and clear system of reporting that can represent all the components of the family capital and provide easily understandable detailed information.
Integrating investments and different portfolios, often accounted for by financial brokers with different methods and timeframes, harmonizing calculation data and sources of prices is a necessary step for having a global view of available assets.

Both liquid and illiquid investments

In particular, it is important to uniform the reporting of the liquid part with illiquid investments: corporate equity investments, real estate ownership, works of art, etc.
Having dealt with private markets for more than thirty years, Albacore has set up a proven and exhaustive specific assessment system for illiquid components.

Tailor-made reporting for prompt action

We have developed a reporting system constructed around the needs of the clientele which is personalized according to specific cases.
The characteristics and particularities of the assets are periodically discussed with the client and the critical points requiring action are highlighted.
The monitoring and reporting service is offered also separately from all the other services.

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