For many years as Starfin and today Albacore we have supported a spontaneous initiative in Kenya to support the education and healthy growth of children who have been abandoned or live with families in difficulty.

Albacore is sympathetic to streamlined, ethical initiatives whose goal is to help those most in need.

In this area, Albacore can support client families in the creation of a training plan in philanthropy and guide them in setting up their own philanthropic initiatives.


Baraka Children’s Home

This is an orphanage in Mombassa (Kenya) that houses 36 children and adolescents who have been abandoned and have a variety of medical, scholastic and above all emotional needs.

For a number of years, Starfin has offered monthly support to ensure the provision of all perishable foods. Through its management, client families and friends, it is also committed to supporting some of these children in their studies and in financing improvements to the structure of their home.